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Featuring new and overhauled starter generators manufactured by APC (Skurka), Goodrich and others.
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MRO - Exchange

Overhaul services and OHC Exchange programs featuring flat rate, cost plus and BER pricing.
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We buy starter generators outright or consider trades toward something you need.
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10/27/2016 - Nell-Joy Freedom Pack FAA-PMA Overhaul Hardware Kit – Price Increase 1/1/2017 Please make note of the following price changes...   Read More
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Updated: 2/27/2017

 Part NumberQtyConditionPrice (ea)
 150SG122Q1OHC Outright$6500.00
 23032-0221OH - Surplus$2750.00
 23046-0071OH - Surplus$3995.00
 23048-004M1OHC Outright$5995.00
 23065-018-11OHC Outright$4995.00
 23079-0093OH - Surplus$5800.00
 23081-0182OHC Outright$5750.00
 23085-004-11OHC Outright$8995.00
 GCSG503-4B1New Surplus$1995.00

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