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Nell-Joy Freedom Pack FAA-PMA Overhaul Hardware Kit Price Change

Price Increase 1/1/2016

Please make note of the following price changes that will become effective for all orders shipped on or after Jan. 1, 2016. Please incorporate these price changes on future purchase orders. Blanket orders with future delivery dates will reflect pricing effective at time of actual shipment.

NJ150SG-K1 2015 List: 400.00 New List: 415.00 Increase: 3.8%
NJ200SG-K1 2015 List: 431.00 New List: 448.00 Increase: 3.9%
NJ250SG-K1 2015 List: 370.00 New List: 385.00 Increase: 4.1%
NJ300SG-K1 List: 353.00 NO CHANGE
NJ400SG-K1 List: 345.00 NO CHANGE

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