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Lear 60 Starter Generator LRU Support

Flat rate exchange programs featuring OEM overhauled-certified service bulletin compliant starter generators from stock.



Part Number: 400SG138Q, 400SG138Q-2, 400SG159Q

Starter Generator 400 Amp (Aircraft Parts Corp. - Skurka Aerospace)
Lear 60 Engine / APU Applications
OEM Certified Factory New and Factory Overhauled Units
Flat Rate Pricing - No Bill Back With Affordable BER Option




OEM Service Bulletin Compliant

400SG138Q (LJ 6608512-002) SB400SG136
400SG138Q-2 (LJ 6608512-006) SB400SG136 / SB400SG142
400SG159Q   SB400SG136




Purchase Options:

Outright Purchase
Factory New & Factory Overhauled Units Available
Overhauled Exchange - Flat Rate Pricing
Overhauled Exchange - Standard
Overhauled Exchange - BER (Beyond Economical Repair) *
* Core non-SB compliant and/or requires armature and stator replacement
Upgrade From 400SG138Q to 400SG138Q-2
* Add nominal upgrade differential to standard or BER exchange price ® Core Return Policy


Lear 60 Starter Generator Offer
400SG138Q-2 Overhauled Outright
(Bombardier LJ 6608512-006)
Price: On Request
400SG159Q Overhauled Outright
Price: On Request
OEM Overhauled - Certified
OEM Service Bulletin Compliant
* Limited Time Offer - Subject to Prior Sale


Lear 60 Starter Generator LRU Support

400SG138Q-2 New and Improved Starter Generator

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